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AREA – 21,000 Sq Km (combined)
Distance from Nairobi – 250 Km (3hrs by road)
Distance from Mombasa – 300 Km (31/ 2 hrs by road), (45 min flight)

Tsavo National Park is the largest Game Sanctuary in the World. It constitutes Tsavo East, Tsavo West, and the Chyulu hills, its location is half way between Nairobi and Mombasa and the main highway cuts across it.

It has fascinating and awe inspiring landscape, which is an evidence of volcanic activities that happened less than 300 years ago. The Volcanic lava flow of ‘shetani and chaimu’ can be viewed clearly from this park. The longest flow being the yatta plateau.

The sanctuary is one of the Worlds leading biodiversity areas, with sub stream rivers flowing underground from Mt. Kilimanjaro through volcanic rocks to form the Mzima Springs. The spring has crystal clear water and is home to hundreds of hippo’s and crocodiles. It has an underground observatory; it is also the source of water for Mombasa . One of the outstanding features is the huge population of Elephants, which derive their colour from the rich red earth of the park.

The Marauding Lions of tsavo have been immortalized as the ‘Man Eaters of Tsavo’. This is because they used to attack and kill Engineers and their crew who were constructing the Kenya- Uganda railway.

The park has well over 500 bird species which includes Ostrich, buzzards, Rollers and the migratory Kestrel. Wildlife to be seen, includes:- Buffaloes, rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Hyena, Kudus (greater/lesser), gerenuks, zebra, waterbucks, hart beast and the hirola antelope that has been Translocated to Tsavo East.

Ngulia area has a Rhino sanctuary set up to protect the Rhinos from poachers. The sanctuary now hosts close to 50 Rhinos, Caves and geological formations of the ‘ Roaring Rocks’ is another feature worth seeing.

Accommodationin the Tsavo is available in three game Lodges; four tented camps, three public campsites, three self-service bandas and public campsites. Outside Tsavo West, there is a private game sanctuary in which are located the luxurious Taita hill and salt lick lodges.two lodges, Kenya wildlife services guest house, five campsites, self-held bandas and two picnic sites.

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