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REA-238sq km
Distance from Nairobi- 470 km (6hrs by road)
Altitude- (2500-4500 M) (1 hour flight)

These sanctuaries are to the West of Kenya bordering Uganda , Mt. Elgon National park is one of the most beautiful and truly wild game sanctuary. It offers excellent game viewing. It is a home to over 400 Elephants, buffaloes, colobus and blue monkeys, forest hog and a variety of antelopes. Over 240 species of birds have been recorded. There are four fascinating and explorable caves, which are popular with elephants as they search for minerals in the salt lick. Accommodation includes 1 lodge, three campsites, two hotels and a picnic site.

Kerio valley is a bio-diversity area that offers excellent view of the main Great Rift Valley ; its depth of about 1,219m is truly awe striking.

Saiwa swamp National Park was created to provide a home to the rare semi aquatic sitatunga antelope it is a truly wild and intact sanctuary.

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