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AREA 117 Sq Km
Distance from city: 8Km (15mins by road)

Nairobi National Park is the closest park from Nairobi , a big cosmopolitan city. It is the oldest of Kenya ‘s National Parks gazetted in 1946. It is a glorious stretch of savannah that is set against the dramatic skyline of Nairobi and hence becomes the only Natural game protection area in the world that is closest to a city. Over a hundred species of mammals mainly plains game have been recorded in this park.

It is in this park where the biggest animal orphanage is located, caring for injured and orphaned animals from any part of the country; the animals are then released back into the Wild when they fully recover.

The park is ideal for ornithological safaris as it hosts 400 species of birdlife.A safari walk is very popular as it enables visitors to be in touch with nature a breath away from the city.

Accommodation is available in all classes of hotels in the City picnic sites and campsites are several inside the park.

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