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Zanzibar is located 40km off the coast, North of Dar es salaam. It lies 6 degrees south of the equator and 39 degrees East of the Greenwich meridian. Its coastline is a maze of white sandy beach cliffs and mangroves backed by a mosaic of short green forest. The island has a warm tropical climate with an average temperature of between 25 degrees Celsius – 39 degrees Celsius. The month of February is the warmest while August is the coolest.
Zanzibar has a fascinating history ancient civilization and trade dating back to about 200 years. It was a trading center for slaves and ivory and producer of cloves and spices.
Zanzibar offers, fascinating architecture and relics of majestic sandy beaches, water sports among others.
For nature lovers, the Jozani forest in the southeast shelters most of the islands remaining red colobous monkeys, blue monkeys a fine spotted race of leopard, sunis, duikers as well as Fischer’s turacos. Take your trip to Paradise Island of Zanzibar.

Mafia is located 80 miles (130km) southeast of Dar es Salaam. it is regarded as a luxury fishing resort. The surrounding areas have been proposed as a marine park. Reef fish, spotted dolphins, lump back, whales, and green and hawk bill sea turtles are found here. 

Pemba is to the East of the seaport of Tanga, hosts an endemic white eye and scop-owls. Pemba is as laid back and as natural as Zanzibar. It is up beat and cosmopolitan and was once known to Arab traders as ‘al khuthera’ literally the green island. Pemba provides almost 80% of the archipelagos out-put in cloves alone.
Other attractions includes, water sports, undersea exploration and photography on the beautiful unspoilt beaches.

Tanzania’s island can be accessed easily through small domestic flights by local airlines from Dar es salaam international airport or from various airstrips in the parks and reserves of the mainland Tanzania.
Dar es salaam is served by International airlines like; Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines; South Africa; Swiss Air; KLM; British Airline among others.
A connection by ocean is also available through tourist class boats.

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