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Car Hire

In our CAR HIRE department, We offer clients a wide range of clean vehicles to suit every taste and need.Classification of these vehicles is based on:

  • -Size, make and model
  • – Carrying capacity
  • – Engine capacity
  • – Special utilities


  • Sedan – $ 30 Per Day
  • RAV 4 – $ 60 Per Day
  • Prado – $ 80 Per Day
  • 4 x 4 – $ 180 Per Day
  • Mini Van- $ 160 Per Day
  • Shuttle Bus – $ 190 Per Day

Our rates are worked as follows:

  • – Unlimited mileage per day.
  • – Limited mileage per day with a  charge on any extra mileage.
  • PRICES INCLUDE: -Maintenance, Government taxes, Insurance, Airport transfers.
  • PRICES EXCLUDE: – Petrol, General damages and Driver’s offense Fines.

Shuttle Services

 4 x 4 Safaris


  1. Jungle Empire reserves the right to substitute the booked vehicles with a similar one.
  2. The minimum rental period on the first contract documents is 5 days, Extensions are subject to  renewal.
  3. Jungle Empire reserves the right to terminate a contract unconditionally if a case of misuse of a vehicle  is detected.
  4. All vehicles carry an Insurance cover and other valid licenses as required by the laws of the Government.
  5. A valid Driving License and copies of identification must be presented to the company by the hirer before a vehicle is released.
  6. No vehicle may be taken outside Kenya without prior approval of the company and the     cross-border  permission.
  7. Long term and one-way rentals are available on requests.
  8. Jungle Empire strictly prohibits carriage in its vehicles; – illegal drugs and weapons, poached or stolen  goods and any other form of illegal goods as stipulated by the laws of the government.
  9. Jungle Empire reserves the right to change without prior notice all the terms and conditions.


  1. The speed limit is 60km per hour in built up areas, 110km per hour on built up roads  (CLASS A & B ONLY)  and 40km per hour on game park roads. It is advisable to keep a speed of 60-80 km/hr on          tarmac.
  2. Pay attention to road traffic signs, especially those that indicate a turning or animal crossings   reduce your speed accordingly.
  3. Switch on your headlight in dusty and foggy conditions and utilize the hazard lights appropriately.
  4. Check the tyre pressure regularly. It is important in the road-holding ability.
  5. Confirm you have all the necessary tool kit and a spare wheel all in good working order.
  6. Avoid driving at night due to poor visibility and a chance of losing your directions. Never offer  lifts to  strangers.
  7. Be extra careful on rainy days, the roads are slippery and you risk running on stagnant water.
  8. Always be on the look-out for wild animals, they have a right of way.
  9. Do not Drive under the influence of alcohol or stimulants.
  10. Refuel as often as possible when traveling through remote areas.

NB: The following are acceptable valid driving licenses: –

  • An International driving license.
  • A European community driving license. (In English)
  • National driving licenses. (Which must have an English translation)

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Car Hire
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