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AREA-68.25 sq km
Distance From Nairobi- 90 Km (1 hr by road)
Distance from Naivasha-14 km

Hells gate National park is to the East of Lake Naivasha (one of the fresh water lake in the Rift Valley).It is famous for its Natural hot geysers, as well as for its scenic beauty. It has the most beautiful geographical formations including two extinct volcanoes; olkaria and Hobley’s.

The routes through the park are spectacular, leading through sheer red cliffs towering Rocks and Gorges namely; Fischer’s tower, central tower and the Njorowa gorges.

These caves and gorges also create some of the best breeding grounds for vultures and Eagles especially the rare Lammergeyers Eagle, verreaux eagle, and the ruppell’s vultures.

The games that can be viewed include buffaloes, Masai giraffes, elands, warthog, zebra, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and 103 species of birds. Hells gate also provides the trails for trekking and cycling.

Accommodation is available in fabulous range of nearby hotels, lodges, and home stays around L. Naivasha.

Mt. Longonot is a young volcano, which rises to 2776m above sea level. It is a captivating sight for visitors wishing to view L. Naivasha and its environs, it is easy to climb and trek around the crater, It gives a magnificent view of the Great Rift Valley , common gazelles are seen in this park. Accommodation is available in Naivasha, which is a 15 minutes drive.

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