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AREA- 392 Sq 2 km
Distance from Nairobi-250 km (3hrs by road), (30 min flight)
Altitude- 1,400M

Amboseli is beautiful and is considered as Kenya ‘s biosphere reserve. Amboseli in Masai means –‘ place of water’. It lies at the foot Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895m high) and Africa ‘s highest mountain. It is in Amboseli where you can get the best sighting of the Mountain with its snow-capped peak, usually at sunrise and sunset.

The park has an endless supply of water, which is filtered through thousands of metres of volcanic rock from Mt. Kilimanjaro . During the dry seasons a captivating feature is the simmering dry Lakebed where false mirages of populated horizons interspersed with herds of Zebras and gnus hover in front of the visitors. Animals concentrate around the waterbeds during the dry season enabling an easy Game viewing.

Amboseli boasts vast herds of elephants in their hundreds, zebras, Wildebeest, Masai Giraffe, Impalas, Cheetahs and Leopard as the main attraction. Bird life includes the African fish Eagle, Pelicans, Bee Eaters, Ostriches, King fishers Martial Eagles and pygmy Falcons.

Among the reptiles seen here are Python, Black mamba, Cobra and Tortoise.

A visit to the Masai cultural village enables visitors to meet with nomadic, richly decorated warriors who are deeply steeped in their culture. Accommodation includes- two campsites and five lodges. Mt. Kilimanjaro forms the backdrop of this game sanctuary.

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