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Kilimanjaro is the Africa’s highest mountain and is referred to as the roof of Africa . This is the major attraction in the park.

It lies just 3 degrees south of the equator and stands at (5895m) making it the highest single standing mountain in the world. From the cultivated lowlands of Moshi to the enormous freestanding massifs with snowfields, Kilimanjaro is a true African beauty.

The parks lower slopes are cloaked in montanne forests moorlands studded with giant lobelias and locky barren landscapes, which is a host to duikers, hyraxes and plenty of birds.

Experience an organized five-to-seven days hike transversing cold alpine forests with night in huts or tents.

Other attractions in the north include Mt. Meru , oldoinyo Lengai Mountain and the remote, lakes Natron and Eyasi

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