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Situated to the East of Africa, Kenya offers some of the finest natural attractions in the world, which combined with a network of the outstanding hotels and game lodges give visitors great value for their money. From snow capped Mountains to vast National parks and game reserves, marine parks, biosphere reserves, archaeological sites, awe striking scenic beauty, pearly white natural sandy beaches along coral reef sheltered waters, great lakes of the rift valley, Kenya is indeed the ultimate dream destination.

Kenya’s prolific and well managed/ conserved wildlife is “unparallel” anywhere else in the world, this is a land where the world’s remaining big cats, big mammals and plains game still roam free in their natural habitats. Over the years the country has been accorded the seal of approval by Royalty, presidents, celebrities and millions of other holidaymakers, business people, sportsmen and charitable organizations.

Kenyan people are warm, friendly and colourful and despite their ethnic diversity, they are a harmonious community with a rich cultural heritage. So every place you visit you will be welcomed with the word “KARIBU”. Choose Kenya now and discover the real magical Land of Safaris.

Kenya has 59 National parks, game reserves, marine national parks and reserves that accounts for approximately eleven per cent of the Kenya’s surface area.

For Ornithologists Kenya has an amazing wealth of bird life more than a thousand bird species have been recorded.
For sportsmenand activity-oriented visitors, there are numerous activities to choose from. This includes Golfing, Horse racing, Gliding, Water sports, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Mountain Walking, Camel Safaris, Balloon expeditions, Motor sports, Deep sea fishing, Bungee jumping, Cruises, Cycling and Athletics.

Kenya has a number of Historical sitesVisitors can learn about our rich ethnological, paleonthropological and archeological past. Visitors can also interact with the Local communities in their Bomas “houses” and learn about their culture and traditions. These Exchange programmes are very educative.

Eco-tourism is now a reality where visitors can research on the ecology and how it affects man and wildlife. In Kenya the government through the Ministry of Enviroment encourages these programmes.

Filmmakersand those interested in creating short documentaries are welcome since Kenya has a striking scenic beauty, abundant wildlife and a climate that is right for such an endeavour.
Honeymooners and families will enjoy our impressive range of accommodation to suit their tastes, be it for a candle lit dinner or a birthday.

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