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Tsavo East

Vast savannahs, red-dust terrain, abundant wildlife, Tsavo lions, Aruba Dam, Yatta Plateau, Lugard Falls, Galana River, Mudanda Rock, birdwatching paradise, game drives, predator sightings, large elephant herds, Baobab trees, wild dogs, leopard sightings, open plains, crocodile sightings, hippos, buffaloes, rhinos, scenic landscapes, guided walks, luxury lodges, tented camps, cultural experiences, Maasai warriors, bush dinners, night game drives, bush walks, natural springs, breathtaking sunsets, clear skies, and serene environment.
Languages Spoken
English Kiswahili
Visa Requirements
Check Kenya's Ecitizen platform for visa application
Area (km2)
582,646 km²
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